The Project Team

Lama Tenzin Dakpa is Director of the Dhompa Clinic Project. He lives and works in Toronto, Canada, and is overseeing all aspects of the project including planning, fundraising, staffing, building, etc. Lama Tenzin initiated and managed the purchase and renovation of a large building in Toronto to house Karma Sonam Dargye Ling, the sponsoring organization of the project. Lama Tenzin was born and grew up in Dhompa and visits the community regularly, maintaining close contacts with his family and friends as well as with Dhompa friends abroad.

Franca Leeson is Assistant Director of the project. She has been helping organizations and individuals generate and communicate new ideas for more than two decades as a writer, facilitator, graphic designer, and web designer.

Dr. Peggy Lathwell is Medical Advisor to the project. Dr. Lathwell lives and works in Toronto.

Gala Yonam designed the building. He was co-manager of the construction of Drakser Monastery in Dhompa (finished 1997, now houses 200 monks). He has built many residences for monks at other monasteries, as well as his own family home. He recently completed Tong Nak Retreat Centre in Dhompa (finished 2008, houses 15 retreatants and staff) including a meditation room, kitchen, washrooms, common rooms and quarters for monks. Gala Yonam is himself a trained doctor and understands the needs of a medical clinic.

Gala Jamyang will oversee construction of the project. He is Gala Yonam’s son. He served as his father’s assistant on all of the projects mentioned above.

Dr. Bupuk will serve as the Clinic Doctor. He is a fully licenced physician, trained both in Chinese and Tibetan traditional medicine. He received his training at the former Dhompa Medical Institute (now closed) and later received additional training in Chinese medicine in Sharda, the administrative capital of the district. Dr. Bupuk has been serving the Dhompa community for 20 years.