The Land and Buildings

The proposed six-acre building site will be land donated by the local community. The land is close to the river and is accessible to the community all-year round. We propose to build:

  • Two-storey clinic building
  • Staff residence

For the clinic, we envision a two-storey building, with the main clinic activities taking place on the ground floor (for easy access). This floor would include:

  • Reception area and office/administration area, designed so that someone working in the office could also serve as receptionist
  • Patient examination room and doctor’s office
  • 2 wards large enough for 5 beds each (one each for male and female) 2 bath rooms (rooms where people can take baths: latrines are outside)
  • Kitchen
  • Store room for medical supplies, including a secure pharmacy
  • Store room for kitchen and other supplies
  • Staff change room and lounge and nurses’ offices (probably adjoining or the same room)
  • Morgue

The second floor space would be a large open area used for community activities including education (e.g. prenatal care, hygiene, immunization), child care, and funeral services. It is extremely onerous for families to carry bodies all the way home for a funeral; a large space at the clinic that could accommodate many mourners would be a welcome service.

In addition to the clinic building, there would be a small residence for the staff. Although staff would have their own homes in the community, their homes are likely to be very far away and they will need a place to sleep during the periods that they are on duty. The residence would include six individual bedrooms and a common area.

Human Resources

There is at least one working doctor already in the area. He has both Western and Chinese training but because of the paucity of facilities he has been limited to making house calls and using his own home as a dispensary. There are also several other individuals with medical training who live in the area and are looking for employment. These people are from the area, they speak the dialect and would be the best candidates. We would like to employ the following:

  • 1 Doctor
  • 2 Nurse/Receptionists
  • 2 Helpers for cleaning and cooking

Building Utilities and Services

  • Electrical generator(s)

There is no electricity service in the area. It will be necessary to power clinic activities with a generator or generators that use diesel, sun, wind, and/or water. Where possible, equipment and procedures will be chosen that do not require reliable electricity.

  • water tank
  • water filter or bleaching unit

Water must be fetched from the nearby river, which fortunately is clean and clear, purified mechanically or chemically, and heated over open fires fuelled by wood or dung.

  • Tools for digging and maintaining latrines

Due to the lack of running water and sewage treatment, latrines will be dug in a separate location outside the building, and rotated from time to time to maintain proper hygiene and environmental care.