Clinic Running Well

The clinic, now more than a year into operation, is running well. There is one doctor, one nurse, and one helper. Most of their activity is centred around consultation, diagnosis, and prescription and distribution of medicine (traditional or Western).

The picture here shows a group of patients and family members lining up to pick up their medicine at the clinic.

Minor surgeries are also performed. The little boy shown here was bitten by a dog, and arrived at the clinic (an hour away from his home) with a large tear in his cheek. Here you see him sleeping after his wound has been cleaned and sutured.

If the clinic did not exist, it is certain the wound would not have been treated as effectively. The boy’s face would have been very badly disfigured, with a great risk of infection as well.

Clinic Furnished and in Operation

The Clinic is now furnished and operating! See pictures below for various views of the interior. Again, thank you to all our donors for their timely help!

Thank You!

A big THANK YOU to a number of generous donors who have stepped up and offered some funds. Lama Tenzin was able to deliver several thousand dollars to the project this month: enough money to get things going again.

Lama Tenzin is away in Hong Kong right now, but once he comes back we will be able to post some pictures and give more definite news of progress.

Thank you again! We have faith that this clinic will be working and serving the Dhompa community in time!

Urgent Need for Funding Now!

This is an appeal for funds to help keep the Dhompa Clinic Project moving forward.

Dhompa is an area in the Prefecture of Yushu in Tibet. The local people there have built the exterior of a building to be used as a clinic for a large area of Tibet not at present served by any medical facility. However the local government has notified the community that they will ask them to take down the building if it is not soon equipped and operational.

We should not be discouraged! Fortunately these initial setup expenses are modest, by our standards here in the West. All we need is an additional $60,000 in funding to ensure that the 15,000 people in Dhompa have a chance to receive adequate medical care, not just now, but on an ongoing basis. We received approximately $2,000 in response to our earlier appeal, very far short of the needed $60,000. So we are writing again.

We ask you to do three things:

First, please consider donating some money. Even a small amount can make a difference. We’ve made it very, very easy to donate by adding a PayPal to the margin of this site. There are other ways to donate, [permalink href=”4″]click here[/permalink] to see how. All donations are tax-receiptable in Canada.

Second, please help this appeal go viral. You’ll see some “share” buttons at the bottom of this article. If you could use them to post to Facebook, Twitter, and other services, it would be most appreciated. We would also appreciate you forwarding the link by email. Anything you can do to spread the word will help.

Third, please think about connecting us with benefactors. This is a wonderful opportunity for a large donor to do something quite practical and sustainable for a great number of people. The project has the potential of becoming self-sufficient once the initial funding has been established. If you or someone you know is in a position to be an “angel” for this project — that is, provide a donation of $10,000 or more — please let us know.

Please give generously. There is presently no clinic to serve the needs of the 15,000 people of Dhompa, and any donation will help. Thank you for your generosity.

Exterior is Complete!

Great news! The construction crew has finished the exterior of the clinic. The building is empty, however, and the project must still raise another $65,000 in order to complete interior finishing and acquire appropriate furnishing and medical supplies.